How to hack Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10 Administrator password with and without any software or installation CD/Reset disk. I am going to teach you How to hack Windows 7 Admin password without any third party software or any kind of installation disk. So, you don’t have to get prepared or get things ready to perform this hack.

Windows is a very secure and powerful operating system which can abort all the attacks faced by it. It allows you to create a password to secure your user account. But wait, then how we are going to hack the system if it is so strong??

  • First, you need to give the Windows a hard shutdown. To do that, put the power off when the “Starting Windows” is active and in Windows 7 when the boot animation happens.

  • The next time you start the PC, you must see a screen saying “Windows Error Screen”.

  • Hit Enter on “Windows Startup Repair (recommended)”
  • Now you will jump into the Windows and a  window “Startup Repair” will be there.

  • Click on the ‘Cancel’ button.
  • Wait until Windows has finished repairing your computer. ‘Attempting repairs’ will flash on your screen. It will not harm your personal files.


  • After the wait is complete, it will show “Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically.”. You have to click on ‘View Problems’ little down arrow button.


    • Now, scroll down to bottom and there you see a link-label named


  • Click on that label and Notepad will be opened with the error logs in it.
  • You don’t have to change anything in this. Just click ‘File’ and navigate to File > Open > Computer > Local Disk > Windows > System32.
  • Now, from the drop-down, change the Text Documents (*.txt) to All Files.

  • There you will find an application named ‘Sethc’, rename it to sethc-bak, (or anything you feel like). Sethc is the file responsible for showing the Stick-keys message. I hope now you know what we are trying to do.

  • Now, search ‘cmd’ and make a copy of it in the same directory.

  • And rename the copy to “Sethc”. Now whenever the sticky keys are enabled the CMD opens, with the Administrator privileges.

  • Close all opened windows and select “Finish”. You’re done! Now you just need to close out of all the opened windows and restart your computer.

  • When your computer is successfully restarted and you have the screen to choose the account, just press shift key five times. Instead of the Sticky Key window, CMD opens with administrator privileges. That’s what we wanted.

  • Now you need to enter some commands by which you will be able to change the Admin password without knowing the current password.
  • Type “net user {username} *” without quotes and replace {username} with the admin username. Suppose the Admin’s username is PANDA Talks then the command will be –


net user  hacker

   Make sure you type a space between the username and the ‘ * ‘.

  • Now you will be asked to enter the new password for the user. Hit the keys of the password. Ya, you will not see the password typed in the cmd nor the dots, just nothing. Press enter after you put the password.
  • Now retype the exact password and hit Enter.
  • If everything went fine, you will see a message saying “The command completed successfully.” Close the Command Prompt after that.
  • Now type ‘exit’ and hit enter.

  • Now click on the Admin icon and put the password you just entered in the cmd.
  • Here you Go! You have successfully broken into Windows. Congrats