Hello Friends Today I Am Going to Show You How To Hack Wifi Without Using Wordlist Or You Can Call it as Hacking Wifi Password Using Reaver Method


1. Kali Linux – Operation System in Your System or In Your Flash Disk (USB Pendrive)
2. 4GB or Above Pendrive
3. Kali Live Boot
4. Wifi networks nearby with Excellent Signal to make hacking faster


1) Can hack only WPS Enabled Routers

2) Cannot hack WPS Turned ON Routers

What is WPS: :
WPS Means Wifi Protected System, This Is a Different Type of security system which is enabled for some routers, it is the best method to hack wifi , But it does have Limitations, they are some routers with WPS enabled are secured by another security called “AP RATE LIMITING” if you see this just leave that network and go to another network.

1) Till now no one found any method to break that security system, may be in my later posts I will try to post how to break that security system

2) Wpa And Wpa2 Networks can only be hacked using wordlist, Which uses Brute Force Attack in which probability of getting password is only 35%

3) But In Reaver Method Probability is 100% (Only If AP Rate Limiting Is Not Available)

4) So it is better to go for reaver method if wps is available

5) It consumes less time than Brute Force Attack Or Dictionary Attack

6) If the network that you want to hack has an excellent signal and if your system is in good condition, then the hack completes in 5 – 18 Hours.

How To Hack Wifi WPA/WPA2 – WPS Enabled Netork without Using Wordlist

Step 1: Open Terminal and type “ifconfig” (Optional)

Step 2: Here I will be selecting wlan0 as my interface

And the Next Command Is “airmon-ng start wlan0”


Step 3: Now you can see the available supplicants and the interfaces

Step 4: There are two options from here on, you can either kill the supplicants or move on with the other command.

1) By Using Kill Command and Stopping the Wlan0 Supplicants

2) By Using the Command “airodump-ng mon0” instead of kill and the next

command is “airodump-ng wlan0”

Here i used “Kill” Command to kill the supplicants, you can follow any of these methods


Step 5: Now Type The Following Command “airodump-ng wlan0”

For Kali Linux 2016 and later on versions, type “airodump-ng wlan0mon”