What is Metasploit and How to learn ?

Metaspoit Framework is a open source penetration tool used for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine it, Metasploit frame work has the world’s largest database of public, tested exploits. In simple words, Metasploit can be used to test the Vulnerability of computer systems in order to protecdiv t them and on the other hand it can also be used to break into remote systems.

Its a powerful tool used for penetration testing. Learning to work with metasploit needs a lot of efforts and time. Ofcourse to can learn metasploit overnight, it needs lots of practice and patience.

Metasploit is an incredibly good framework and if your new to the world of penetration testing then we’d certainly recommend this tool. The reason for this is because Metasploit is a framework and not a specific application. That basically means that as a framework the user can build their own specific tools that can be used for specific tasks. For example, if you wanted to test for vulnerabilities in particular operating systems, then that would work just fine using Metasploit Framework.

There are several versions of Metasploit – both free and paid (which I guess is the freemium and premium model). The free version works just great – which you can get here (although the framework is also available in Windows we’d recommend that you learn the program within a Linux environment, or better still, a Linux penetration testing distro). The reason that Metasploit is free is presumably to give users a taste for what is obtainable in the feature-packed Metasploit Express which costs a whopping $5,000. Metasploit Express is obviously aimed at the professional pentester (by the way that $5,000 fee is price per user per year).

Windows and Metasploit
If you are using Windows, don’t forget to turn off your anti-virus and firewall software because Metasploit will resemble a virus to your firewall. Also, if you are using Metasploit within a virtual machine environment make sure that the network connection is bridged to the outside network. Metasploit grabs and scans everything you ask it to on your, and others network, so it needs to be allowed to access the correct network.

Just give a look at following basic steps for beginners to break into a system using metasploit after gathering some information about the target system.

1. Select a right exploit and then set the target.
2.Verify the exploit options to determine whether the target system is vulnerable to the exploit.
3.Select a payload
4.Execute the exploit.


Here are some terms that you need to understand if you are using Metasploit:

Exploit – Code which allows an attacker to take advantage of a vulnerability system.

This term means that you are trying to exploit a vulnerability in a system, machine or network. This means that basically you are trying to look in a network and find a computer that has a hole (backdoor) which could be compromised.


Vulnerability -A weakness which allows an attacker to break into or compromise a System’s Security .

A vulnerability is a weakness which allows an attacker to reduce a system’s information assurance. Vulnerability is the intersection of three elements: a system susceptibility or flaw, attacker access to the flaw, and attacker capability to exploit the flaw.


Payload- Actual code which runs on the system after exploitation

A big thing about Metasploit is that it not only scans but it also collects information regarding systems that can be exploited – and then – executes code within a compromised system. In summary, this term implies injecting code that is bundled within a payload. Once a payload has been unleashed then the hacker or penetration tester can run commands and actions. The objective should be to plant a big enough payload that can facilitate the creation of a a shell code. A shell is a command interface which essentially gives the user complete control over a compromised machine.

Since Metasploit is a framework the user can create their own code and scripts but – don’t worry if you don’t know how to code since many modules have already been created. All Metasploit modules are very specific to perform specific tasks , so to run network scanning, ARP poisoning, packet sniffing etc, a module has very likely already been created.